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Why Smokers Need Specialized Tobacco Cessation Programs to Quit

By Ken Wassum
Director of Clinical & Quality Support
Alere Wellbeing

150x150-no-smokingDo you have a high percentage of smokers in your population? Would you like to see a higher quit rate? Are you disappointed in the results you’re getting from wellness programs? That may be because tobacco users are dealing with an addiction and need specialized help. Learn how nicotine addiction differs from other unhealthy lifestyle behaviors and how carving out a specialized program can help.

Why Are Older Employees So Hard to Engage?

By Paige McConnell
Director of Client Services
Alere Health

150x150-seniors-on-bikeAlere Health client manager Paige McConnell discusses why so many older employees are reluctant to participate in behavior change programs. She also shares a case study of how one client was able to exceed expectations with an 82% participation rate.

Having helped numerous companies implement a variety of engagement solutions over the years, Paige has a good gauge on what works and what doesn’t.

Four Ways to Have a Healthier Holiday Season

By Heather Zeitz, RD
VP, Health Programming & Content
Alere Health


Here it comes. You hear it? The holiday hype. Must-have deals flood inboxes and crowd Facebook pages. Schedules become more hectic. Stress rises. Workouts are put off. Holiday treats are overeaten. By January you’re worn out and a waist size bigger. Nutrition expert Heather Zeitz provides tips for how you can have fun but keep control during the holidays.

Health Plans & Other Payors Face Daunting Challenge Ahead; Health Management Programs Can Help

By Stacy Knapp
Executive Vice President
Alere Health

blog-150-x150-_health-ins-changes-aheadHealthcare executive Stacy Knapp has personally experienced lack of access to healthcare. Having grown up with immigrant parents who couldn’t afford health insurance, she comes from the kind of family that the government hopes will sign up for health insurance on the exchanges next year. While a key premise of the Affordable Care Act is to encourage individuals of all ages and levels of need to purchase insurance, signs show that the older, sicker members of underserved communities will be the first to enroll.

In her blog posted today, Stacy shares how health management programs can ease the burden for health plans and other payors.

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